Monday, August 09, 2004

The Clie Resurrected?

It was thought that Sony had ducked out of the PDA market because of their doubts about its futrue. However, some are now saying that it was more specifically the Palm market and Pocket PC's just might be their new venture. LINK

Palm vs. Pocket PC: which one is for you? has not tried to answer this eternal question, but rather aims to help figure out which one is better for you. The author does this by outlining key considerations that usually help consumers decide which will best suit their needs.

Breastfeeding Resources

The Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition has developed Breastfeed 1.10, a free PDA reference for supporting breastfeeding mothers. It includes guidelines for supporting lactation in the first few days; lists of contacts/references; and a short guide to the use of medications in lactation.