Friday, October 23, 2009

Mobile Point-of-Care Resources in Pediatrics

Unbound Medicine has announced Pediatrics Central, a new group of mobile + web products with valuable information on pediatric diseases, infectious disease, drugs, drug interactions bundled with tools to access the latest journal literature...MORE

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Social Media Use for Health and Medical Information

A new study by Manhattan Research found that approximately 35% of American adults (80 million) used social media for health and medical purposes in 2009. During this period consumers created or accessed material in blogs, chat rooms, social networks, and health communities. MORE...

Cell Phones Assist Rural Medical Imaging

A project at MIT's Media Lab has established use of cell phones in rural areas to transmit x-ray images to radiologists in urban areas. This offshoot of telemedicine is improving diagnosis and care in a remote area of the Philippines...MORE

Thursday, October 01, 2009

CDC Funds New Projects in Health Care Informatics

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has awarded $4.37 million in grants supporting health care informatics in response to public health threats. Included in the funding are four new centers: Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Indiana University, University of Pittsburgh, and University of Utah. One of the projects in Indiana focuses on overcoming barriers to bringing public health to the point of care...MORE

Doctors Fail to Respond to Alerting Systems

A stody published September 28, 2009 in Archives of Internal Medicine showed that 8% of physicians did not respond promptly to test results communicated by alerting systems...MORE