Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Microsoft Explains Why Many Devices Don't Get Upgrades

The first handhelds running Windows Mobile 5.0 have hit the market, and companies are starting to offer upgrades for some -- but not all -- of their current models. Companies want to offer upgrades, because doing so makes customers happy. However, the percentage of handheld or smartphone users who will actually perform the upgrade is surprisingly small. Full Story

Palm to Replace Defective Treo 650 SIM Trays

Palm is now offering to replace defective SIM card trays on affected Cingular Treo 650 smartphones. There is an issue with some models that causes the phone to turn itself off spontaneously because of a loose SIM card. Full story

Palm Releases New Products, Changes Product Names

Palm is now selling the Palm TX and Palm Z22 models on their online store. The TX has Wi-Fi included, and the Z22 is their new entry level model. In addition, Palm is now refocusing the naming of their products to focus on "Palm". They are dropping the Tungsten and Zire names.
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