Wednesday, May 18, 2005

PalmOne LifeDrive Mobile Manager Debuts

Caping months of rumors, leaks, and tremendous anticipation, palmOne has officially unveiled the LifeDrive Mobile Manager, its first handheld with a built-in 4 GB hard drive. Full story

Unbound Medicine’s Gateway Adopted by Five Leading Medical Institutions

Unbound Medicine recently announced that its gateway product, Unbound Central, has been adopted by five leading medical institutions. Through Unbound Central the University of Pennsylvania, New York University, MedStar Health, University of Muenster, and University of Washington will connect directly to their users’ Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), wireless devices, and the Web. Full Story

Friday, May 06, 2005

Blackberry Becomes World's Most Popular PDA

Following a surge of PDA sales due to advancing wireless networking capabilities, Research In Motion's BlackBerry device has become the world's most popular PDA, according to research firm Gartner. Full Story

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Microsoft smart guy takes on smart-phone business

With Windows-powered mobile devices lagging behind the Palms and BlackBerrys of the world, Microsoft has brought an electrical engineer from China--a master of the strategy game Go--to put them back in the race. Full Story

Verizon to Release Treo 650

Verizon Wireless indicated it would launch palmOne's Treo 650 'soon' early last month. The communicator is still a no show for the second largest carrier in the United States. Phone Arena reports Verizon's 'soon' may finally be just around the corner. It said the operator's business channels should roll out the Treo 650 on May 11th with consumer customers gaining access to the smartphone 12 days later. Full Story

Unbound Medicine Releases Anesthesia Central

Unbound Medicine recently announced their agreement to release select PocketMedicine references to be delivered on Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), on the Web, and via wireless devices. In addition to the two PocketMedicine titles, Anesthesia Central includes a leading drug reference, a handy diagnostic test manual, and MEDLINE literature tracking and searching. Full Story