Saturday, February 26, 2005

Non-Profit Uses Wireless PDAs

Valle del Sol is an example of a nonprofit innovating through adaptation, integrating new technology to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery in the community. The largest Hispanic behavioral health and social service agency in Phoenix, Valle del Sol has case managers visit families in their homes, helping them connect with services for substance abuse, family crisis, and other support.

Valle del Sol wanted to find a way to enable staff in the field to quickly, easily, and securely gather and upload data about clients, streamlining the process and reducing the chance of errors.

Today, the solution is literally in hand. Thanks to a grant from AT&T Wireless (now Cingular), Valle del Sol is introducing wireless personal digital assistants (PDAs) to 60 of its case managers, equipped with software that manages all of the forms and data needed by field-based clinicians.
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