Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Unbound Tip: Using the Alerts Feature

The Alerts feature is a powerful yet simple research tool. It's the best way to keep informed on journal articles that are written about topics of interest. The Alert feature allows you to save a Medline search, and have the latest results of that search sent to your PDA. To create an alert, click on the "Alerts" link in the menu and click the "Create" button, then follow these steps:

Step 1 - Get Started! Read the introduction then click the "Get Started" button

Step 2 - Search Medline! Enter a Medline Search (ex. Avian Bird Flu) and click "Quick Search" or "Assisted Search"

Step 3 - Review the results! If you like the results click on the "Alert" link to create the alert

Step 4 - Name the Alert! This is the name you will see appear on your PDA.

You're done. The next time you sync your PDA, the Alert you set up should appear on your PDA. Every time you sync your PDA, the latest results for the search will be sent to your PDA.

Please Note: it takes about 5 minutes to process the Alert.

For more information on this and other features, be sure to read the Unbound Central User Guide.