Friday, September 12, 2008

Medline Search RSS Feeds

Unbound Medicine has added a nifty RSS feature to our Unbound Medline product. Using this feature is a terrific way to keep abreast of the latest medical information published for a specific subject.

To subscribe to a Medline Search RSS, simply run a search in Unbound Medline and click on the RSS link. You can use your favorite RSS reader to track the latest Medline search results for your saved search.

To show the ease in which one could subscribe to a Medline Search RSS feed, I created a sample search and will list the link to the RSS feed below. I have an interest in journal articles that publish information about Smartphone and PDA use in medicine, so I searched the following in Unbound Medline:

"iPhone OR Smartphone OR Handheld Computer"

In the search results I clicked on the RSS link and saved the URL.

I use Google Reader as my default RSS reader, so I simply subscribed using this URL. Now everytime I open Google Reader I will see the latest Medline search results for this saved search.